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Techno-Wizard or Geek
Douglas Chick

Computer people are unique in that they have their own peculiarities, unlike others that work in technological fields, like engineers, or physics, they're just crazy. Computer people have an odd passion for computer hardware and software. Being passionate towards software is particularly peculiar because there is nothing tangible about software. (That is above the quantum level.) Software is nothing more than electrons passing between circuits that display a visual mathematical representation of probability. Software companies have built empires from the sales of uniquely arranged electrons that can be manipulated by a computer user. It is the IT department's duty to install, configure, and maintain, the uninterrupted flow of the rearrangement of electrons. So this makes me wonder, what do computer people really do?

If our jobs consist of managing and manipulating electrons, then shouldn't we really be called quantum electricians? Or even better, quantum engineers? Quantum engineer sounds a lot better than software programmer, or network administrator, or helpdesk technician. In fact, I wonder how different my life would be if I told people I was a Director of Quantum Electrons. Although, to the technically challenged, Director of Quantum Electrons sounds like the same voice as Charlie Brown's teacher as my true title. (You know, Wa wa wa wa wa wa.)  After all, I see confusion on people's faces when I as them to reboot. Many think I am asking them to changed shoes. So, titles can only really impress those that know what they mean. So I ask myself, the fact that I even think along these terms, does it make me a geek or techno-wizard…its geek isn't it?


Hacking The IT Cube: The Information Technology Survival Guide -- Douglas Chick

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