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Virus Insecurity
Douglas Chick

Virus Insecurity []Viruses are to the IT department, what venereal diseases are to doctors. Once a virus can infiltrate a users contact list, it infects the user and all the people the user has ever had e-mail with. The �I Love You� virus is a perfect example of this; �The I Love You virus infected several million computers and caused as much as $10 billion in damages� according to an article on Sun Microsystem�s website. This means that several million people were lonely enough to click on the "LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs" attachment in hopes a secret admirer was trying to contact them.  

  It would be easier to understand how a deceptive virus like the �I Love You� virus tricked millions of people into opening it, if the virus were the first one of its kind, but it wasn�t. The �I Love You� virus was like; virus #2,515,784. I mean; there were a hell of a lot of viruses that came a long before this one. Anyone that clicks on spam or virus e-mail these days are playing Russian roulette and should be charged a premium when having to help them. This is especially true when it comes to office workers because they are warned all the time about being cautious of suspicious e-mail. Because so many office workers click on the I Love You Viruses, tells me that there are also a hell of a lot of office affairs going on for subject title to be interesting. 

         "Burn me once, and you�re the fool. Burn me 2,515,784 times and I�m too freakin stupid to own a computer�a car�have children�and be allowed to vote.�



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