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Social Networking Pandemic
Douglas Chick

Social networking pandemic
Social Networking sites are like STDs, or STDs are like Social Networking sites. Once you agree to accept someone into your site, you also accept everyone that person has ever been with, I mean accepted. There is:  FaceBook, MySpace, YouTube, Linkedin, , Bego, Classmates, Badoo, Fixster, Flckr, Friendster, Fubar, Habbo, Tagged, Windows Live Spaces, BlackPlanet, and WhitePlanet, oh. I said Facebook already. And don’t forget Twitter! These are just a few examples out of hundreds.

Twitter is in a category of its own. Twitter is the H1N1 Virus, Swine Flu pandemic of social networking. Twitter is the virtual social networking disease that spreads like a virus at a Chinese Buffet. (The self-serving spoons at a buffet are handled by everyone is the restaurant. The virus and bacteria other people bring to the restaurant pass to you the moment you grab the handle. In other words the buffet-serving spoon is the virtual delivery method to your immune system). Unlike a buffet however, Twitter has one delivery system with two styles of information: Spam, and the uninteresting daily events of your friends. I just wrote in my Twitter, “Wrote article regarding Twitter.”

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 So I think what I am trying to say here is, if you belong to an Internet social networking site, you may or may not get STDs. If you eat at a buffet you should probably wear rubber cloves. Twitter and FaceBook might, “might” give you some digital form of H1N1.

There is also the possibility that I wrote this because I too am lonely. ..yep!




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