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Douglas Chick

Frequently I receive e-mail from overwhelmed IT people that complain they spend too much time putting out fires and have no time to perform their normal duties. Some of these are a result of being understaffed, but in most cases it is because computer people not knowing how to manage their time or they allow the computers users to manage their time for them. The number one rule of managing a computer department is not to allow the computer users to manage it for you. The number two rule is: get a helpdesk management tool

      Many good jobs are lost because computer people become overwhelmed, frustrated and even despondent. They over promise and under deliver as they try to please everyone. If this sounds like you, then you need to control matters immediately. And nothing can control a group of demanding computer users then a "computer program". In my IT department, we use a program called Quicklogs, from

     Quicklogs, forces your users to report their "emergences" to a reporting program, that logs, organizes, assigns, reports, and tracks helpdesk call. It affectively makes your users take a number and wait their turns, and it gives you the ability to document the computer users that waste your time. If the same user reports the same problem everyday, then you can show that the employee either needs to be re-trained replaced, or their computer replaced. Quicklogs, logs every incident and allows users to check the progress of their complaint with a tracking number. You will find that many users will actually try to solve the problem (reboot, cap locks, out of paper) themselves before calling you. "...they will try to solve the problem themselves.

     There are other Helpdesk programs, but I like this one because the guy that wrote it has paid his dues on the help desk.

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