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Man burns penis with laptop 
by Doug Chick

It is a common concern among laptop owners that there is a certain risk in placing a laptop on your lap. Some computers, such as Dellís Latitude laptops have been know to over heat and burn its users. We've had two Dell laptops, my wife and I, and on both the batteries overheated enough to burn threw skin and I believe was responsible for damaging components. 

According to the The Register there is a 50 year old scientist that burned some of his components as well and is suing Dell for his laptop burning his penis. (Sometimes I am forced to write articles that appeal to my Linux readers too.) 

As with many so called news organizations, we too have to seize the moment and try to monopolize on the misfortunes of others. This is why The Network Administrator .com is offering our pocket protectors to Dell laptops owners as a Dell Penis Pocket Protector. As part of our continued service to help other computer people we are the first to provide some form of protection to those that may or may not always wear under garments while working with their computers.

Disclaimer: It is not really recommended that you use The Network Administrators Pocket Protector, (trademark pending) for anything other than protecting your pocket from leaking pens. The above mentioned to use The Network Administrators Pocket Protector, (trademark pending) to protect your penis from over heating laptop batteries was only meant as a joke.

Addendum to Disclaimer: In the above disclaimer when we used the phrase Leaking Pen, it was not our intention to imply anything other than a pen that might leak. And not in any way were we suggesting that you use the The Network Administrators Pocket Protector, (trademark pending) as a condom. Although we do recommend if you are going to have sex that you should always practice safe sex, just not with our pocket protectors



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