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Off Shore Outsourcing, Riding a Wave of Question
Dell Crill

Recently, I read an article about a company called SeaCode Inc. that put a bad taste in my mouth. It made me realize that without much effort you can just about sell any idea or gimmick these days. The firms vision is to provide off shore outsourced software design and development services for US based fortune 1000 companies. The same companies that invest millions each year on software design, development and implementation. These companies provide employment for thousands of IT professionals and their families. Bright ideas such as the one by SeaCode Inc. have everyone wondering what will they come up with next? How will they do it? What's in it for them? The scenario: A fully functional sea going cruise liner carrying an IT engineering staff of about 600 employees. These offshore workers will provide US based companies with software development and IT services using microwave or satellite links to their land based networks. Sounds cool doesn't it? Yes, just another master minded dot com era idea of how to sell goods that provide no tangible products or financial support for the US economy. The original article explains how the company will hire U.S. IT engineers as well as others from 3rd world countries. The down part to this is the salaries will be gravely lower than those on shore in the US. The company explains in the article the lower wages are necessary because of free housing, medical, entertainment and food while aboard the ship. Well, that sounds like a great opportunity but not one that most IT professionals would likely be looking for. What can this do for the US economy? How does this help the mid level IT jobless rate? It doesn't! What it's designed to do is put large sums of profit in the hands of entrepreneurial pirates at the expense of US consumers. It's a real shame. You can't mean to tell me that it's less expensive to purchase a used cruise liner at 10 to 300 million dollars than to purchase or lease commercial property in a small rural town in USA that gives all kinds of tax breaks and free aid for jobs brought to their community! This company is only offering a new cosmetic approach or gimmick to providing the same old services already available here on land. The bottom line of this whole idea for me is "what is the difference in price of service from SeaCode verses that of another land based IT engineering firm?" Know one really knows because that issue was not even addressed. In my opinion this giant IT ship thing sounds like another shady way to cut operating overhead by avoiding federal, state and local taxes and skate around immigration laws, workman's compensation etc.etc. So, if this concept ever becomes reality who ends up with the blue chip? The employee's, the end user or the company owners? Lets all wait and see how this one turns out.


 The original article can be found in the June 27th Volume 22 number 25 of the NetworkWorld weekly magazine. This opinion submitted by Dell Crill 









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