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Internet Kiosk Scam
William Nett

Folks, you've seen the televised advertisements. "YOU TOO CAN MAKE MONEY!"... they've been around for decades if not a century.

Companies are popping up everywhere advertising Internet and ATM Kiosks that you can buy with a minimum investment of a few thousand dollars. Once more, they'll even help you with product placement!

Please let me help you put this cash cow to pasture... if the money is so lucrative, why would they need your investment? This reminds me much of the shareware vending machines of the early 90s. Basically they were vending machines that for $5.00 or $10.00 would give you in minutes what your 300 baud modem couldn't... but, this is a tad bit different.

Step on up Joe or Jane, and check out your e-mail or bank account! Buy a burger for a meager additional charge of $1.50! Um, would you use a stranger's computer to do this? I certainly hope not. If you do however, I have a secret proxy server you can use...

Truth is, that no real money making idea solicits external private help. If the idea is genuine and can make real money, then it is blood in a shark tank. That is, every effort will be made to corner the market by private investors and copyright lawyers... any company that has an "IDEA" which
seeks public investors has already faced both multiple arenas of scrutiny and potential compromise. In short these kiosks are doomed. So don't waste your time or money on what otherwise can be done by a private coffee shop trying to earn a buck.

If you really do believe in this... then I have a closet time share I'd like to sell ya, or schematics for a solar powered clothes dryer. Excuse me... I gotta find someplace to store this Trash-80. Now where the hell did I put the clothesline?



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