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No More America Jobs...
Douglas Chick

I do not know how anyone could be surprised by this sudden recession/depression. Computer people began losing our jobs in the 2000 great overseas job migration. Certainly when millions of jobs are sent from one country to another, the economic ramifications are guaranteed. Greed and corruption has done to the United States what our enemies could have only dreamed. Who did this to America, and why? I think this can be easily answered by simply following the money trail.

Lasantha Wickrematunga wrote a commentary in the 1940's that inspired me to write:

When they laid-off the steel workers, we did nothing because we were not steel workers.
When they laid-off auto workers, we did nothing because we were not auto workers.
When they laid-off the computer techs, and sent their jobs away, we did nothing because we were not computer techs.
                                                                   And when they laid you off, you did nothing but blame the unemployed.








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