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I.T Department Weighed Down
Douglas Chick

Many, I.T. departments are working over-time to pick up the slack from lay-offs and staff reduction. I myself have taken over the phone systems and the time-clocks, and Iíve taken back over the Cisco routers and firewalls. To my surprise I enjoy learning how to install and program phone systems. Iíve already installed and programmed three. Certainly the days go by faster and Iíve always like hands on.

The concern is this: with an understaffed I.T department maintaining the same amount of work as before, will there ever be a need for specialized computer staff again. For example: If I run the I.T department, manage the phones, routers, firewall, Exchange server, and all the purchasing and security, (which I do) why would my company ever hire these specialized careers again?

There is a definite danger in being too proficient in your job, overlooking the obvious; updates, security patches, extended education, and that is you may never get a full staff again. There are several options in preventing this, and I am not endorsing any of them, Iím just sayingÖ

Under promise, and over deliver
Always tell them that the project will take three times longer than it actually takes. For example, if the project takes one week, tell them six, do it in two, and report its completion in five.

Always look overwhelmed
Never look fresh and well rested. When your boss, or bosses see you in your office or the hallway, look completely overwhelmed and just on the edge of a break down. Make them feel just guilty enough, not too guilty that they want to replace you, just guilty enough. Also try mumbling as you proceed past them.

Wrinkled Clothes
Your attire should make the statement that you are working so much that you donít even have time to iron your clothes. (Although many of you may ask: ďIím supposed to iron my clothes?Ē) Look as disheveled as possible.  Even try wearing mis-matched shoes, socks, and an occasional your shirt inside out.

Iím sure there are other ways as well, perhaps you too might think of some...


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