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Are you choosing software for your company by what will look best on your resume? 
by Doug Chick
 First thing I do when looking for software for my company is research all available software similar to our needs. Then I do a detailed comparative analysis, followed by a call to a list of satisfied customers supplied by the software company. Okay, I don't really do any of that. I'd like to, but I'm too busy with helping Doris dumb-ass retrieve deleted pictures of her cats, watching my network bandwidth come to a halt with joke mail and stories from the heart that must be forwarded to 10 of your friends, while capturing MP3ís and celebrity porn from the helpdesk staff... I mean, the accounting department.

What Iím really most likely to do when I need something is; scan through monster or and see what software is the most requested by employers that are looking for a network administrator. Of course, I don't really do that. ;-) But you do have to ask yourself, do I want to spend time learning a software that won't help my career? How many company proprietary junk software do you know? A lot I bet. Putting software on your resume that no one has ever heard of before is not likely to get you an interview. A Network Administrator, or anyone for that matter, should always be studying for their next job. So beware of sweet talking salespeople that talked the president of your company into some inexpensive, no name software that makes your resume look like you spent the last few years working for the PeaceCorp in some back water third world country.



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