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iTunes sells 25 million songs
Record Industry Still Pleading With Customers Not To Pirate Music
Douglas Chick

Apple says that it has sold more than $1 million worth of iTunes online gift certificates. At 99 cents each, Apple has estimated that they are now selling an average of 1.5 million songs a week. As MP3 player sales soar, as well as individuals downloading music to burn on CDs, Apple is becoming forerunners in an industry that has made little if any changes in marketing strategies since the invention of the vinyl record. 

     Apple’s success in the music downloads business is still pale in comparison to sites such as Kazaa, a music sharing service. Still with pressures from music industry attorney’s and lobbyist more and people would rather spend the 99 cents than be pursued by lawyers.

     In October, Apple added the gift certificates; they also launched the Windows version of its iTunes digital music jukebox and the online music store. The 25 millionth song bought on Friday afternoon was "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!," by Frank Sinatra, Apple said in a statement.

     The popularity of MP3s and music downloads are said to be in direct response to consumers anger over spending outlandish prices on music CDs with only one or two songs worth listening to. Music downloads are the first of a long series of products changed by consumer demand and Internet availability, taking away from an industry with too many middlemen.


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