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Cyber World War 3
Douglas Chick

Cyber War

Einstein said: ďI do not know with what weapons World War 3 will be fought, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones

The State Department says that their network is attacked 50,000 times a day; which is probably 40,000 times less than the rest of our networks. Cyber World War 3 began the day the Internet was extended to the rest of the world. The Department of Defense, or ARPANET, Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, created the Internet based on designs by Lawrence Roberts, of the Lincoln Laboratory, to use for advanced communications during war time. Somewhere shortly after and Iím guessing; war didnít come around fast enough and this network was released as the Internetóand it was on.

It is said; that more technology is invented during war times than any other time in history, and I suppose this is also true with computer and network technology, except perhaps Microsoft. It seems no matter what operating system they release, they just canít stop the hackers, viruses and others. (Others is of course the rest that I am too lazy to list.) Or perhaps Microsoft can build a bulletproof OS, but there is more money to be made in the aftermarket products.

By opening up the Internet to the rest of the world, thus allowing every country of the world to participate makes me wonder; what the hell were they thinking?

There must be some higher processes going on to give our friends, and enemies of the world direct access to, not only our home computers, but our corporate and government computers, right. Some higher reasoning that if we were told we might say: ďAh, I knew our government is on top of it.Ē What I do not understand is why my companies, and personal internet provider does not block the access of other countries to my computer networks. I can use my router to block any IP range, why donít they offer this as a service?

The companyís network I manage does not do International business, so other government, I mean countries, do not need access to my network, website, or any computer within my network; so why do they allow it. Why am I not given a choice? Yes to allow all those countries that hate America access to my network, or No, to block them. Iím pretty sure I would check, NO.

My life experience tells me that; ďwhenever a decision is made that doesnít seem logical, it is always either based off money, (someone making large amounts of money) or politics, (someone making large amounts of money). So the decision to grant international internet access to all the computer networks  must be political.



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