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A Career in Computers 
Without losing your MIND --

A Career in Computers



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Book Description
A Career in Computers is a straightforward and sometimes comical look into finding a job in the field of the computer sciences. It answers questions that many IT professionals and newcomers need to know when looking for a job and what they should expect. Most computer books deal with configuring software and do little in answering important career questions in the IT field. Even trained computer professionals are unprepared for the social, political, or psychological aptitude needed to survive the office workplace. This book is cut out of a larger volume title Hacking the IT Cube: The Information Technology Survival Guide.

About the Author
Douglas Chick is an IT Director of a national healthcare management group. His book, Steelbolt Hacking was on Amazon's Top 10 Bestseller's List, and creator of the popular website, TheNetworkAdministrator. He can also frequently be seen on Fox News speaking on technology.           




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