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Are You Backing Up Your Job At Night
Douglas Chick

These days it seems like you should be backing up your job to tape every night in case of a job crash. If your job did crash, do you have a recovery plan? What would you be doing if you couldn't do computers anymore? These are some serious questions that you should be asking yourself. Without a strong job recovery plan, what would you do if your job was suddenly shipped overseas, and so were the next ten jobs that you would normally apply for? 

The economy was bad enough without the government allowing big business to recoup its loss by hiring cheaper labor overseas. What will the government let us do to recoup our loss? On the news this morning I saw an interview with a computer programmer that lost his job to outsourcing to India, he now works in one of those large hardware chains, stocking shelves. He has a master's degree in computers and couldn't even get a job on the cash register. I know another person that has been without work for almost two years because he refuses to take a job for anything less than a network engineer. Two years. He has a family too. 

My point to all of this nonsense isn't to depress you, although I'm sure that it has to be pretty depressing to be constantly reminded that you might lose your job at any moment, I just don't think some computer professionals out there are doing enough to keep jobs in America. I get a lot of e-mail from people who give me a lot of info about what their company is doing, but they won't let me publish any of it because they don't want to lose their jobs. So with every letter I feel obligated to write something to remind you that your jobs are in danger of being sent away and if you do nothing to try and stop it, you'll end up like Peter the programmer work for minimum wages on isle 18 through 24. 

I'll tell you, if I lost my job and had to work as a shelve stocker; I think I might take it to the source. In other words, if I'm going to have to find a different line of work, I'm going to vote to unemploy as many government leaders as I can until it stops. 



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