Blessed are the Geeks, for they shall internet the earth

The Human I.T Network
Douglas Chick

One of the key tools for an I.T professional during the arduous process of looking for a job is other I.T people.  In this financial and political climate of layoffs and overseas outsourcing, computer people are going to have to stick together, period.  The I.T manager hiring today, may be the I.T manager looking for a job tomorrow. If we are going remain employed in what seems like difficult times ahead, I think we need to build our own network infrastructure that stretches beyond the Ethernet; we need to network ourselves as contacts.  

A computer department knows its company’s future. We manage the information infrastructure of every company in the world.  And yet we do not seem to have the foresight to see that our jobs are in jeopardy, or the human network to get another job. We rely on head hunters and online job sites, from people that do nothing more than contact I.T departments. How can we design infrastructures for others, and have none ourselves? We built the Internet but use third party middlemen to speak to each other. We need to organize ourselves.

// How do we turn our SAP, SQL, PHP, HTM, C, C+, Java, TCP/IP knowledge to help each other find and or keep our jobs? // …the human network.

--The Meek may inherit the earth, but there will be a long period of unemployment before paradise.

In the fashion of T. Boone Pickens, in the coming weeks I will try to reveal a plan that can create a human network of I.T people so we may communicate with each other.   And  I certainly do welcome any and all suggestions, @


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