Blessed are the Geeks, for they shall internet the earth


What All Network Administrators Know 

Table of Contents

  • Who Should Read This Book
  • What is a Network Administrator
  • How Much Does a Network Administrator Make
  • Can I Get a Job as a Network Administrator Without Experience
  • Do I Have to Get a Degree Or Can I Just Get Network Certifications
  • Can I Quit My Job, Go To a Certification Boot Camp and Make 70K
  • Being a Brave Liar                                                                                           
  • Do I Have To Be Good At Math                                                                    
  • Learning Under Fire or Submersion Learning                                                     
  • Know Your Servers                                                                                         
  • Know The Server Room                                                                                  
  • What Server Operating System Should I Know                                               
  • What To Do When a Server Crashes                                                              
  • What To Know About Viruses                                                                        
  • What To Know About Security                                                                        
  • What To Know About E-mail Servers                                                              
  • What Type of Software Should I Know To Be a Network Administrator          
  • Client Side
  • Server Side
  • Troubleshoot
  • Tools Of The Network Administrator
  • Communication                                                                                                
  • What You Need To Know About Computer End Users                                    
  • Repairing Home Computers                                                                              
  • Most Common Mistakes Made By New Administrators                                    
  • And Finally: Being a Network Administrator                                                      
  • Who Has The Power                                                                                        
  • The Interview That Got You The Job                                                          
  • Conclusion