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It took me some time to realize that all my complaining about the outsourcing of American jobs was a waste of time. I was never angry at China or India; I was frustrated with my own people. My position has not changed, but I have accepted that the world has, and the United States is apart of the Global market that will never go back to the way it was.


That being said; I am learning Chineseónot because I like Chinese food, and not because I have over 75 Chinese Mandarin movies, (IP Man 1,2,3 Little big soldier, and Body Guards and Assassins being some of my favorites) and it is not because I think Chinese woman are so beautiful, itís because I spent over 600 dollars on Rosetta Stone Chinese Mandarin.


I am also motivated by the fact that once China realizes that they have loaned money to a country that doesnít have the resources or workforce to pay in back, someone in the United States is going to have to speak enough Chinese to ask for an extension on the loan.


I should also mention; in all the movies I've seen, they donít typically kill the only person that speaks their language.


From this story out, I will also include Chinese Mandarin beside the English version, and wait for my Chinese readers to correct my grammar.


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