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Disappointed in SuSE
William M. Nett

Open SuSE 10.1 was a bust as is their commercial package, SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, or SLED as its more commonly known. Granted the introduction of a supported Citrix client in SLED is welcomed... but I still can no longer play MP3s, Videos, DVDs, without performing a ton of workarounds, patches, and resolving a myriad of package conflicts.

While interviewing the Novell and RedHat folks at the Linux desktop Summit in 2004, I asked both companies why they pulled support for these capabilities? Their reply was that they were "Respecting others' IP rights." Considering that their two major competitors, Microsoft and Apple have historically never really respected the rights of others (albeit Apple has done a far better job in this arena), I called chicken. Slowly but surely I was witnessing the degradation of the Linux community.

Today marks a historical day for me... after reading the Digg headlines and confirming it, "Bridging the divide... Microsoft endorses SuSE Linux Enterprise." I will never again purchase a copy of SuSE Linux. I was awe struck, SuSE had climbed into Microsoft's pocket. How could they? How many dollars did they spend defending themselves against SCO in the IP rights battle? Did they forget that SCO was backed by Baystar who was influenced by Microsoft to the tune of $20 million dollars who was suing Novell?

Some say that this is the prelude to the final nail in SCO's coffin (timing could not be more perfect), and Microsoft's last ditch effort to keep the reigns in on Linux just before SCO goes down the toilet, and I remind you to please consider Microsoft's endeavors with such companies as Real Networks, Firefly, Orange Tri-band phones, InterVU, etc... all of them except Real Networks has been assimilated due to lawyers, contracts, and stipulations. If you climb into their pockets... you'll never get out.
Before I go down on the bow of the the SuSE flagship to Davey Jones' locker, I am jumping on board Ubuntu as a lowly admin. "Damn the RPM's full dpkg ahead sir. Ubuntu means humanity to others..."

William M. Nett


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