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OS wars -- Windows Mac OS Linux

Modern OS Warfare… from the Front Lines.
By William M. Nett

It's 2012, the year of the Mayan End of Days. It’s supposed to be the end of the world, mass mayhem, cats and dogs living together, and cockroaches taking over the planet. Since Judge Kimball passed the gavel which sunk SCO in 2007, you could almost immediately hear Richard Stallman shouting, “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!” or in his low toned Mr. Burns voice calling to, “Release the hounds.”

Linux has grown immensely since then, but not in the way we had hoped for. The desktop is still dominated by Micro$oft and Apple, but the server side has done well. I’ve been privy to work with organizations like MIT and Sandia National Labs which both use Linux to do some amazing stuff. Sandia National Labs makes our nuclear weapons… and I’ll leave it at that. Still yet, Micro$oft has all but abandoned the tablet scene which is now dominated by Linux and Apple… I can already predict the fate of the Windows Smart Phone. It won't end well.

Watching the battle for the desktop is like watching Game of Thrones. Micro$oft is still king, but everyone is chipping away at the lands. It has spies, zombies, and thieves slowly but surely dishing out the crown jewels… the only way for Micro$oft to survive is to embrace compatibility with Open Source which completely contradicts their mantra of Non-Free software, which contradicts their releases of Windows Media Player which sunk Real Player and Internet Exploder which sunk Netscape… Windows 8 is like playing with infant letter blocks, “I’m an Administrator, I want functionality and I want
control.” They better start innovating soon, or the OS will join the Zune.

Castle Mac is closed up tighter than a zombie proof drum… a drum with advertisements everywhere. Nothing decent in this castle is free unless you want advertising banners everywhere. You want a free draw-bridge? No problem, but it comes with a banner when closed. Perusing my iPad and trying to import documents is like touring the pentagon with a constant escort, “Sir, don’t photograph this, don’t touch that, your flash is not allowed.” It’s only a matter of time before the jailbraking takes down the Geico banner.

Then we have Linux and its small separatist yet powerful armies everywhere… I installed the last three versions of Ubuntu (one of the larger armies) and General Torvalds took one look at Unity and said, “WTF?” Lord Shuttleworth, didn’t think this through very much and it hinders Linus greatly. Currently General Torvalds is checking all the camps for the next best of breed. Linux is excelling in mission specific tasks like embedded technologies, virtualizations, etc… but because the armies don’t play well together, they’re stifling each other.

So where am I? I’m the dwarf… with a Micro$oft whore desktop, and a couple of SuSE, Red Hat, Ubuntu, and MintOS secret lovers on the side… it’s going to be a long winter.





自那时以来,Linux已经成长巨大,但不是在路上,我们所希望的。 Micro $ oft的和苹果在桌面上仍然占主导地位,但在服务器端已经做得很好。我去过厕所的工作,像麻省理工学院和桑迪亚国家实验室的组织都使用Linux做一些惊人的东西。桑迪亚国家实验室使我们的核武器......在这一点上,我将离开。还未,Micro $ oft的所有,但放弃了片现场,现在Linux和苹果为主...我已经可以预测的Windows智能手机的命运。它不会有好下场。

看着桌面上的战斗,是喜欢看权力的游戏。 Micro $ oft的仍然是国王,但每个人都被削弱的土地。它有间谍,僵尸,和盗贼缓慢而稳步地祭出了皇冠上的宝石... Micro $ oft的生​​存的唯一的办法就是拥抱开源,这完全违背了他们的口头禅,非自由软件,这违背了其发布的Windows的兼容性媒体播放器,沉没而沉没网景的实时播放和互联网发爆器... Windows 8的是像玩婴儿字母块,“我是管理员,我要的功能,我想


然后我们有Linux和它的小分裂而强大的军队,到处都是...我安装的最后三个版本的Ubuntu(一个较大的军队)和Torvalds的将军了一个统一的外观和说,“跆拳道”主沙特尔沃思,没想到这通过非常多的,它大大阻碍莱纳斯。目前,一般Torvalds是检查所有营地,为下一个最好的品种。 Linux是擅长在像嵌入式技术,虚拟化等任务的具体任务,但因为军队没有发挥好一起,他们正在扼杀对方。

所以,我在哪里呢?我矮......一个Micro $ oft的妓女桌面,SUSE,红帽,Ubuntu和侧面MintOS秘密恋人的情侣......这将是一个漫长的冬天。



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