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Its Not Always About Free Music
William Nett

If KaZaA is the doomsday harbinger of the CD industry... then one has to ask, "What of HDTV and PVRs?" According to analysts, HDTV is like being there on the benches, and PVRs are enabling people to watch the HDTV shows at their own convenience. As far as I know this doesn't hurt ticket sales or player's salaries. No more nose bleed seats... it's courtside with the MVPs.

I often recall my grandfather who preferred listening to the basketball games on an AM radio. He got angered when his favored team lost, and tossed the cheap radio out of the window when the opposing team won. Every spring, the neighbors discovered a plethora of busted radios beside their building. Personal note here is that my grandparents had cable TV at the time. We always asked him why he didn't 'watch' the game... he always replied that the "TV was too heavy, and plain cardboard boxes with dials drawn on them didn't give him the same satisfaction."

So where am I going with this? Simple... for many enthusiasts, capability always wins over quality. Sure my grandfather could have watched his games on cable quality color television, but he was into the game. He had the ability to punish the AM radio for delivering bad news. I suppose one could akin this to music lovers downloading lesser quality MP3s because they enjoy the content more than the quality. Sure, he had issues, and some say that I have a complete subscription.

With regard to MP3s... people are willing to listen to lesser quality audio samplings, but it doesn't hurt concert ticket sales... which is where the artists really make their money. Television is analog, as is radio... if my grandfather were a music enthusiast, I don't think it would have mattered if it were MP3, FM, or AM radio... he would have heard the concert as he remembered it, just as he visualized the game via an AM radio. I guess it's kind of like the kid at Wrigley Field who had a hole drilled into the wooden fence during the 50s just to watch the game?

Sure the lawyers don't make as much money... but the player didn't care. It's all for the love of the game... or in this case, the music.

Ball four... I gotta go, M0th3$ Fscking N0 600d 43f!



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