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New Linux Study May Be Based From Substance Abuse
Douglas Chick

A new survey by the Yankee Group suggests that crack is no longer a problem just in the inter-cities. The group, a tech research outfit, said that their findings show that use of Linux on the desktop was not expected to make "a perceptible dent" in Windows 94 percent marketshare between now and 2006. It has also been suggest that free software is more expensive than software that you have to purchase.

The re$earch group surveyed 1000 IT administrators and C-level executives worldwide, using Sunbelt $oftware, a Windows NT/2K/XP tools provider. The survey also said that businesses were more likely to use SCO Unix and Windows Server 2003 than Linux. The researchers also spoke of having the munchies and one even declared that he was Rick James, %itch, and proceeded to fall to the floor giggling. (Okay, I may have made some of that up.) 

I just don't know how serious to take such a news release that is on the heels of Sun Microsystem's deal with Microsoft, and the entire SCO lawsuit. With so much spin in the news, especially from so called research groups, I'm just a little suspicious of who paid for such a study. If I remember correctly, I once read a report from a research center based out of Washington DC that reported that cigarettes smoking wasn't addictive. As an ex-smoker, I know otherwise. And as a soon to be ex-Windows administrator. I can also tell you that I wasn't one of the network managers that was polled in these survey.

In today's patient infringement on the truth, one must second guess everything you read...except for this of course. :-)

Douglas Chick