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Microsoft + SUN - 1 Stooge?
William Nett

<Ballmer> Hey Moe, there's a hole in our boat and were taking on water!</Ballmer>  

<McNealy> Knucklehead, put a hole over there so the water can drain out...</McNealy>

So just after a few months of SUN Microsystem's Scott McNealy publicly accepting Linux and dressed up in a penguin outfit on a stage... they accept a two billion dollar payoff from Microsoft to help halt Linux, or to "return to core technologies," as they put it. This can't be good for SUN's future. I suppose one could understand this pulling of the last straws strategy, SCO's stock looks like a daredevil's ski slope, and Sun's stock hasn't gone over $5.75 a share for more than a year... to top it all off, Microsoft does NOT like Linux development.

Microsoft's patsy SCO calls Linux "anti-capitalism", and then later called Linux a knockoff of UNIX. In laymen's terms, the directions are as follows: Load gun, point barrel at foot, pull trigger, and repeat as necessary to get rid of customers. SCO has apparently forgotten the fact that there exists many users of Caldera Linux which SCO has developed and released under the GPL... their defense remains that they didn't know that they released code which they owned the Intellectual Property rights to. Once more, Daryl admits that their capital funded fight will more than likely run out before a final decision is made in court... which means investors are a55 out, and their lawyers will remain in a safe and profitable harbor when SCO goes bankrupt and gets de-listed from NASDAQ. Please, don't take my word for it, I STRONGLY invite you to do your own research!

I think Larry is plotting a sell short in Wall Street.


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