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Information Minister may find work in the Private Sector
Now that former Iraqi Information Director Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf is out of a job and country, he may find work in the corporate private sector in the tradition of all ex-politicians. One possible job may very well be with a Redmond based software giant. Microsoft has been criticized heavily because of the security flaws embedded in its software products, particularly Windows 2000 Advanced Server. If only Microsoft has a PR person with the talent of the former Information Minister they could ward off such criticism. 

"I tell you, Windows security is perfect. Hackers will be slaughtered by our defenses. We have Mother of all Firewalls defending our OS. These criminals who attack us are puppets of penguins who want to take over your desktop. If they get in we will cut their throats, but they will not because our defenses are perfect. There is no windows update site. Not needed. Windows is perfect. There is fake Windows update which put rubbish on your PC so it will not work properly. Truly.

Soon we will attack our enemies and hit them with shoes. Liars who listen to other liars and write lies like these will be hunted down like the infidels they are and have their domain names cut out.

I tell you again. Windows is perfect and our security also.

Thank you"

News Spoof by Graham Parks and edited by Doug Chick

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