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Linux... the Next Apple, the next Microsoft, or the next NeXT?
William Nett 

For most people who have followed the computing news, you know that Linux is a real threat to Microsoft... but is it really? Microsoft's only key advantage in the industry is the fact that it establishes a baseline for others to follow. It gathers information which it excels in, creates solutions, and gives products. Albeit many times with faults, but none the less... they are a corporation, and therefore have to mitigate faults with services. They are also more centralized in intelligence and development... which can be a good thing. But when you spread yourself too thin with a centralized intelligence core, then you encounter errors... sometimes critical errors. 

Linux in it's current state of affairs is a lot like Apple. Although they are both more reliable, more secure, and more versatile (in software)... neither of them has the front running intelligence network that Microsoft has due to a lack of customer base. Linux however has a many more resources than Microsoft and Apple combined. And this is Microsoft's problem.

 Microsoft's only possible strategy for survival at this point is standards change and frequent change at that... but customers don't want to pay for change unless they need it. Therein lies Microsoft's paradox, Linux's reason for encroaching, and Apple's reason to embrace Linux.

 What made Microsoft what it is? It was portable, they gave away software for free, and they built their framework around these open doors. Now they want to close those doors and Tux has his foot in the jam... if his penguins find a wedge, then Microsoft is done, Steve Jobs will be on top and either hand the crown to Linus or join him. Imagine that... MAC OS on X86! Then again Bill might just release Longhorn to spite us all.

 In an evolutionary sense, change is inevitable, and only the strong will survive... should Microsoft be cornered into a reactionary front... then alternatives will prevail... they always have. Before Napster was laid to rest, Scour came about and then KaZaA. Linux needs to make way and conquer operational fronts to begin taking over the desktop. If it can show stability and friendly interfaces to end users... well, we'll just see.

I recommend renting a copy of, "Pirates of Silicon Valley"... make your own choices.



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