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Linux adaptation problem:
Will Nett

www.TheNetworkAdministrator.comI've been reading of the many lamentations of writers touting the lack of Linux adaptation on the desktop. Most of it I view as whining, but still I'll entertain your arguments...

1. Can't install Windows applications on Linux: Code weavers has made amazing inroads on this problem, and although you have to pay a paltry $50 for the application, Crossover has allowed for me to install and run Photoshop, MS Office 2003, MS Visio, and even Secure CRT... all MS Windows applications, and all running fine on my Ubuntu Linux desktop.

2. Can't play microsoft based games: If you're really hard up for the latest installment of half-life or its mods, then ok... stay with Windows. If however it's a certain type of game you wish to run, like FPS, or SIM, or MMORPG, there are actually more ports for Linux than there are MAC... and yes they are all free. I have Quake, Assault Cube, Google Earth, etc... all running on my Ubuntu Linux workstation. Personally, if you're a hard core gamer, just go back to your console like a PS3 or an Xbox 360... you'll probably have a better experience and less worries about graphics cards or sound card compatibility.

3. Aero looks so cool: Have you seen beryl? This beats anything Microsoft has ever produced.

4. How can something that's free be of value?: I've been asking Steve Ballmer this for years... if something free doesn't grow a business, how can Microsoft explain Internet Explorer or Windows Media player?

5. Microsoft has support and indemnification!: Wrong... read your End User License Agreement the next time you install Windows or any other Microsoft product. If your workstation or server has a meltdown and takes out China, they're not responsible. Microsoft employs more lawyers than congress. If you think for a minute that you can hold them responsible for anything... well, you have a better chance of fighting your parking ticket or beating a murder wrap.

6. Microsoft is more secure! I have anti virus and a firewall!: Tell that to my customers who accidentally installed a lottery or music toolbar and have subsequently turned their workstations into porn servers. They had antivirus software and still got infected... all the while my Linux desktops softly sleeps.

7. But everyone knows and supports Microsoft!: Not true. The docx dilemma alone has turned Microsoft customers against itself. I have office 2007... so sad, too bad, you can't open my document unless you upgrade. Anyone who has a prior doc format can open anything. Imagine being a company that has just upgraded to office 2003 from office 2000... and can't open an office 2007 document? Open your wallet again, or get informed.

8. Hardware Support: This makes me laugh... as there is far better hardware support for your legacy hardware in Linux than there is in either MAC or Windows. Wanna buy a web cam for MAC? You'll pay... oh, how you'll pay. Same thing goes for any hardware.

9. What if I am sued?: Relax, SCO is dead, they lost their lawsuit and are now looking for lifeboats. The Microsoft funded FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) propaganda has failed. They've been delisted from Nasdaq. You're now free to run Linux.

10. Why am I answering these questions?: Simply put, the floodgates have been opened, the fear, uncertainty, and doubt are gone. Use what works for you. Don't be afraid to try something new.


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