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From the Linux Pulpit
William Nett

Both Microsoft and my former boss call Linux advocates 'religious nuts'. Although I dislike this classification, and strongly akin this to the lamentations of IBM in the 80s... ok, lets examine this accusation!

True, you'll be hard pressed to get a Linux person to operate much less administer a Windows box, but most of the Linux advocates I know, have at one time or are currently supporting Microsoft Windows users. A slight conflict on interest maybe... but yes, most have hidden agendas and that is to show the user their problems, show the solutions and let the user decide.

Lets examine another Open Source community which has many flavors or denominations... yup, its religion itself. No one owns a copyright to the bible, and yet it does not only exist, but constantly gets subject to interpretation. Sure, we had the Spanish Inquisition, the Mormon movement, the Muslim uprising... but despite their differences, they all agree to disagree... and to let the other exist. Okay, so they still have battles.

Taboo as this subject may seem, it's relevant. Linux is not just an OS... it has evolved into a culture. Albeit a culture that Microsoft does not like... hence the Microsoft UK pilgrimage to abolish Linux, but there seems to be no short supply of Linux advocates all too eager to step up and challenge Microsoft's claims.

Through my conversations and interviews, Linux is not really about Linux... it's about choice, and the freedom to choose. Every time someone chooses for you what you should follow, someone upraises. Cesar is a prime example. He demanded that the bible be altered to express his political beliefs in 400 AD... but failed.

So who's the real socialist? Microsoft penalizes partner companies for selling computers with Linux at a price of $100.00 a box... yet Linux offers it's OS for free. Sure there's a cost to learn the new OS. So as it was when administrators had to learn DOS in the 80s. So will Linux evaporate? Not likely. Companies today are already saving money with Linux, people are learning it, and it's not costing them a dime.

Those that choose to ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Linux is world-wide accepted, and used in today's government. Even major companies like Cisco and Microsoft use Linux... so what ever happened to the Salem Puritans?

Time for my bath folks...


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