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Job Outsourcing:
As Viewed From an Indian living in the U.S.

This article is written from the vantage point of an Indian that migrated to America and who has made his home here. The writer voices his opinion and concerns about the recent rash of jobs sent to India and the impact on Indians who have also made their home in the U.S. 


"At least to me, profit motive appears to be the solo objective in the phenomenal BPO growth to India or China.  Are we then to take it that the future richer CEOs and their companies will plough back the extra profits right back into the US market to improve the local job market?

     Of course, it could also be the fact (as pointed out by the Indian Prime Minister recently) that when migration of people is curtailed for political reasons, the business migrates to them in the reverse direction.  We in the IT area are perhaps seeing what the manufacturing sector saw and felt in the last decades.  I can only hope that the long term effects of moving higher level skills (not the call center jobs) will not result in the loss of technology leadership.

     As a migrant Indian having made the US my new home, I am torn between the good this phenomenon is causing to the Indian economy and the terrible job loss situation in the US.  It appears to me to be a powerful but inevitable wind of change set in motion by yet another "Wall street greed" effect.

    While criticizing these moves, you must keep in mind that these losses equally effect the migrant community too, if not worse, for any backlash. People like me who have made this country our home toil through its difficulties like every one else.  Advocating employers to willfully discriminate against immigrants is not only unfair, but also draconian.  In the heat of the moment please do not loose sight of the great values this country stands for, which separate it from any other nebulous undemocratic culture or other terrorist states.

    Just because the US imposed tariffs for its own internal reasons against European steel, how fair and reasonable do you think it would be for the Europeans to advocate discrimination against Americans in their personal jobs and lives? 


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