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Why Don't Internet Providers Offer Geo-Blocking
Douglas Chick

The term "One Billion Chinese Hackers" is a reference to all of the viruses and hack attempts that originate from Asia. More specifically China, Korea and India. With respect to the Chinese, Indian and Korean people, if I thought I could just block off these countries from my network I would without hesitation. Maybe I can but I don't know how to. After all, how many of these countries really need to access my companies network?  They don't need to send anyone at my work e-mail, there is no information on my company's websites that will benefit them, so why can't I employ Geo Blocking on my router. Or even better, why don't ISP's provided International blocking as a default service? After all, phone companies offer international blocking for phones. 

     If an Internet provided offered me a service that gave me the option to be removed from participating on the global Internet, I would drop my current provider and sign up immediately. Even if the service cost more than I am currently paying. Why, because isolating my company's network for the global community would stop the flow of spam, most viruses, and all the hack attempts outside of the U.S. I want my ISP's router to have to filter unwanted address ranges, not mine. I want my equipment to be used for what I purchased it for, not to spend one third of it's resourced fighting off the latest worm. If international access isn't required for a business to proceed, than it should be the customers choice whether or not to allow it to enter your network. It doesn't even have to be a two-way block. Only incoming International blocking could be applied. Except at my work, no one really needs to be cruising the Internet, let alone the global Internet. Of course, this website is accessed internationally. TheNetworkAdministrator.com website is read by computer people around the world. I'm not suggesting that informational sites be blocked, I only speak of networks that do not benefit from having an international presents, or have no real value to the international community. 

     So I challenge the phone company, no I dare the phone companies to offer a useful service to me and my employer. 


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