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Douglas Chick

There was a time in the I.T field when specializing in one area was ideal. For example an e-mail administrator only had to manage his or her mail server all day, and a router administrator only looked after the router, and SQL admin only worked on SQL. That was then…

In today’s I.T market you have a better chance at finding employment, or keeping your existing job if you can manage the mail, SQL, file server, and routers.  This of course may only apply to medium to small sized companies, but I believe in this economic pearl, larger companies are also looking for an I.T person of many hats. The arrogances associated with I.T specialties of one job one expertise may be of the past.

There are however some consequences of having too many different job titles, I think I am an example of that. Although it is true that I am fairly proficient with a mail server, a Cisco router, application servers, SQL server, and other higher end devices, I am not an expert. So from time to time I must call on an expert, or take on an extra training class. My company knows this, but they also know they are saving money. They do not want to pay for a specialist, but they also come down hard on you with their is a problem that could have been prevented with a little product specialty or a problem not repaired immediately. The benefits to me personally is I acquire a wealth of knowledge that comes in very handy, and have more options when I feel over worked.

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