This is a Good Time to Buy Computers

While searching for the right links for the holiday shopping page I was amazed to find that you can purchase a 2GHz computer for 399.99 dollars, I've purchased two already as gifts. Gateway offers an Intel® Celeron® Processor 2.0GHz, 128MB DDR SDRAM, 40GB Ultra ATA 100 Hard Drive and a Free 48x/24x/48x CDRW Upgrade for the whopping low price of 399.00 Or DELL has a deal with a flat panel monitor for the price of 699.00. Those are just two of the great deals you can get for the holiday's. 

Than the thought occurred, if the computer costs 399.00 imagine how much it would cost if you could buy it without Microsoft Windows. We're talking about 199.99 computer. If you told the company that you worked for that you could upgrade the entire organization with brand new computers right out of the box with a factory warranty for 199.00, in this type of economy you'd be a hero. Remember the 9th layer of the OSI model is Finance. (There are really only 7 layers in the OSI model. My wife came home from work one day pissed off and made up the other two.) Of course you would need to install Linux as an operating system, but with the way things are currently heading, an all Linux network seems to be inevitable. If some of these third party vendors don't start to realize this soon they are going to be left out on the lurch. And I'm not telling you this as a Linux Administrator, I learned everything I know from Redmond Washington as Microsoft Network Administrator.  

Recently, within the past 6 weeks I have purchased close to 100 Gateway Profiles for 999.00 and I've got to tell you these babies are sweet. They have a flat panel monitor built right into the computer itself and it saves on space and electricity. In the last 3 years I have purchased close to 500 computers from Dell and for the most part have been pleased with their performance and reliability, but these new Profile computers are the next generation in desktop computing. We love them.

But with any new computer, only time will tell how dependable they will be and if Gateway can stand up to Dell service policies.