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Fahrenheit 9/11 Review
Douglas Chick

As I left the theater after Michael Moore’s documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11, I turned to my wife and said, “Wow, Bush took a public spanking on that one.” And she quickly replied, “Yeah, that’s going to leave a mark.” And of course my daughter added, “I’d say raised welts.” (We are all comedians in my family)

I’m no great supporter of President Bush, nor am I of John Kerry, but I am a fair man, and many of the accusations in the “documentary” I felt were too subjective. My wife and daughter however, as well as many other moviegoers, were vindicated in their shear dislike for Bush. The movie definitely preached to an already converted congregation, and I’m sure it was a completely different audience from the one that saw The Passion of the Christ. 

The “documovie” was filled with a lot of information that I already knew; the Bush family business connections to the Saudis, who financed all of Bush’s failed business ventures, and their financial interest in getting a gas pipeline through Afghanistan. I must say though that I was surprised to discover that the only news station during the presidential election that called Florida Bush country was George Bush’s cousin on Fox news. And it was the first time in television news history that the exit polls were wrong. That was a little concerning. What was even more surprising was just how many senior citizens there were in the movie theater. I would dare to guess that well over half the audience were over the age of 65. Considering the intended audience and the scope of the “documentary” I expected to see more orange haired liberals than silvered haired seniors. In Florida seniors only turn out in numbers that large for garage sales, free coffee, or to vote.

The documentary also showed a lot of pictures that you wouldn’t typically see, even on the Internet. Such as, as many soldiers that had lost their lives in Iraqi, there were probably five times that in soldiers that lost their legs and arms in the explosions. Moore spoke with a soldier that refused to return to Iraq because he said he wasn’t going to kill anymore-poor people. And there was video of young Iraqi children with their bodies split open. Very sad scenes from a very unfortunate war. There were as many tears in the theater as there were laugher and applause. There was humor, suspense, a bad guy, okay, lots of bad guys and Condoleezza Rice. This movie was definitely politically motivated, but it also showed that Michael Moore was a man of conscious and conviction.
Still, with access to enough video as with the president, you can paint a picture of betrayal and conspiracy with anyone. I will say that if only one quarter of what I saw in Fahrenheit 9/11 were true, than both George Bush senior and “W” should also be turned over to the Iraqis like Saddam Hussein. And if Michael Moore fabricated even one scene for political reasons than he should be turned over to the Republican party. I'm not sure which would suffer the crueler punishment. 


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