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Ex-Intel VP Fights for Detainee
by Douglas Chick

An Intel Programmer taken by the government and held in a maximum-security prison as a material witness without being charged in a crime. The Department of Justice has required a federal court to seal this programmers case. He has only limited access to his family and lawyer. Authorities have detained at least 44 other material witnesses in probes following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, according to an investigation by The Washington Post. According to The Washington Post's November investigation, at least 44 people have been arrested and detained as material witnesses in post-Sept. 11 terrorist probes. The paper was unable to determine hard numbers because of secrecy surrounding the cases.

I understand that this may or may not be an unfortunate case where an Arab-American has been wrongly persecuted by the government.  These days with little reason to trust our own government, we are confronted with a choice between freedom or personal safety. The question remains; how much of your American freedom are you willing to relinquish to keep from family from being a victim of a suicide bombing? Certainly the government doesn't have Maher "Mike" Hawash (Intel Programmer) in custody because he is Arabic? There must have some grounds for his abduction, right? I hope so because George Bush quoted as being on a mission for God, I'm becoming a little nervous. With that in mind all I can do is trust that the government is doing what they can to keep me and my family safe. the moment I don't want to think of another scenario. 

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