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William Nett

Okay folks, so the biggest two job search engines out there are Monster and Dice... right? Many have received e-mails from Monster claiming "New Jobs Found!" but just how many 'real' jobs do they have?

According to a survey, only 4% of polled candidates in 2002 had actually found a job through Monster in 2002, and this rate has declined greatly in the last two years. After getting annoyed enough from scam postings on Monster... I decided to do a little search. My search? "Get Rich." Amazingly, Monster turned up 19 local hits for "Get Rich", and 19 hits we're returned for the search topic "Windows", within my local area, I guess that means you have a 50/50 chance of being hit up by one of what appears to be a plethora of bottom feeders. A full US search? Well that turned up 1,019 hits... 98% of them scammers eager to accept payment... and all with empty promises. Then there's Careerbuilder.com maybe a bit of a newcomer, but apparently no stranger to bottom feeders... 'Work From Home' = 160 hits. (90% were bottom feeders.

I've contacted Monster on this, but apparently they don't care how dirty their water is, I've gotten form letters, automated responses, and the like from Monster... but the ads continue to flow. Dice on the other hand turned up zero responses with the search of "Get Rich.", but "work From Home" turned up 164 hits, most of them bottom feeders. It should be noted that I've never gotten a call from any of their posters.

The number one employment conduit according to HR personnel still remains today to be personal referrals. In short, don't waste money on web-employment portals unless you're in the top 4% of wanted personnel and can prove it. Make friends, make connections, and in short network yourself.

William M. Nett



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