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William Nett

Thereís been a lot of buzz going on lately about the bold step that Apple has taken by utilizing X86 Architecture for its computer systems. There is even a new plug-in that allows users to install Windows XP, Linux, and even flat out Solaris Unix on their hardware! This comes at a time when even a Microsoft Security Official suggests that there is no way to protect a Windows based computer from adware, malware, and spyware.

Whatís better is the fact that these new Mac-Mini computers are relatively cheap, quiet, compact, and robust! For those people who are Windows based PC owners and have for years lamented about the lack of security in Windows (which is pretty much everyone), here comes a solution that opens the eyes of users to the possibility that there is in fact something else to choose from.

What happens when you give people choices? They choose them all, evaluate them all and then make informed decisions! Whatís best for my business? Whatís best for my home? Whatís best for my children? This is how bad things get weeded out. For years, I have touted Linux as a viable alternative Operating System for end users, and Administrators have for years said no, citing that they canít provide the needed level of support or answer the right questions that users need or are asking for.

Then thereís the teddy-bear test group. They were groomed on Netscape, ultimately switched to Internet Explorer years after Netscape went corpus delicti. This new convergence of OSí on the same box will bring with it a new teddy-bear test group. It will help evangelize that there exists alternative choices, and ultimately create new creativity, new communities, re-spark imaginative ideas that will benefit all groups and users. Yes, it will create the same divide that we had in the 80s, but to disavow such advancement will sound very much like the dismissal voices of IBM and HP when Bill Gates proposed DOS, and Steve Jobs proposed building the personal computer.

ÖAnd donít look for support from Microsoft when your Mac-Mini crashes its Windows as Iím sure Steve Ballmer will say itís an unapproved hardware vendor, as will Steve Jobs say itís not their Operating System. But I beg of you all daring adventurers to explore this convergence of options, make an informed decision, and just as youíd vote for the next president or congress person, go to the cash registers with your informed decisions and demand change, demand improvement, and demand accountability.

Youíll be happier that you did!

William M. Nett


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