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Anti Hacking Tools
Douglas Chick

Hacking isn't what it use to be in the days when networks were breached by young hackers sitting in their bedrooms late at night trying out their newly learned skill from a BBS board. Today's hacking is carried out by preprogrammed viruses that, self propagate themselves around the world and trying every computer port and over-flow that will have them. Finding the right tools for you and your company can be an endless search on the Internet that can produce the results of software from no name companies with no proven record. Software sales people will boast that their software is the best on the market, but you can't trust a sales person to tell you the truth. So you must either rely on your own product research or the names the software vendor gives you from satisfied companies. 

Listed below are some Anti-hacking software that I've put together that I think can be relied on, for your home or office protection, and even a couple you can put on your mothers computer.

(Office) ISS 
Internet Security Systems (ISS)
is an established world leader in Internet security, with products and services that protect against Internet threats. ISS' Proventia™ unified protection products deliver simpler, smarter, more cost-effective Internet security, backed by the world’s largest security research and development team. ISS also offers Managed Services and Professional Services to assist organizations in identifying and addressing online risk.

(Home) The Shield Pro 2004™  
The Shield Pro provides essential protection from viruses, hackers, and privacy threats. Powerful yet easy to use, protect yourself, your family, and your PC online with The Shield Pro 2004™. The Shield Pro 2004™ gives you 1 year of protection and PC Security Shield gives you all the technical support you need to successfully protect yourself.

(Home) ZoneAlarm Pro
Zone Alarm Pro is an easy to use program that instantly provides world-class protection against Internet-borne threats including worms, Trojan horses, and spyware.

(Office) Riverhead Networks
Riverhead Networks delivers the industry's most complete and powerful family of solutions for detecting and defeating today's most complex and sophisticated DDoS attacks. Unlike other solutions, the Riverhead products not only detect the presence of a DDoS attack, but actually identify and block the malicious flows in real time — without affecting the flow of legitimate, mission-critical transactions. The result: your business keeps running, even while under withering attack, protecting your most valuable corporate assets.

What is ippl?
ippl is a daemon which logs IP packets sent to a computer. It runs in the background, and displays information about the incoming packets.Criteria can be used to specify what packets should be logged and what packets should be ignored.

(Office)Intrusion SecureHost
Instead of detecting and then reacting to an attack after the damage has been done, SecureHost prevents the attack from occurring in the first place. SecureHost automatically defines application behaviors that are acceptable based on corporate policy. When any of the rules for proper application behavior are violated, SecureHost stops the activity before any damage is done.

(Home / Office) ScanLogd
scanlogd is a TCP port scan detection tool, originally designed to illustrate various attacks an IDS developer has to deal with.

(Office) SecurVantage Enterprise
SecurVantage Enterprise allows multiple monitoring points to be combined into a single, real-time monitoring and management console. This provides a common operational picture across multiple policy domains. With SecurVantage Enterprise, real-time conformance data is viewable through a web browser and can be presented in a variety of reports, ranging from general network health to host-level service behavior

(Office) NFR
With NFR Security's intelligent intrusion management system, you'll not only detect and deter network attacks, you also integrate with popular firewall providers to prevent future attacks. Here are twelve reasons a leading business journal refers to NFR as "the Holy Grail" of intrusion management.

(Home / Office) OpenWall Project
The OpenWall Project is loaded with hacker and anti-hacker programs that will help the network administrator/engineer with security related issues.

(Home / Office) Verified Security Software
Specializing in security and privacy solutions; ranging from PC monitoring, encryption, to hacker protection and secure data storage.





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