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Microsoft to Sell Ad Space In Error Messages

Where some may see failure, Microsoft sees opportunity. In another ground breaking marketing move, Microsoft today announced that it will sell advertising space in the error messages that appear in the Windows operating system. Excited by this news, today Microsoft's stock gained a 30% rise in trading. 

Ad executives from around the world believe that this may change the face of product marketing forever. Some believe that there may be an even larger advantage in advertising inside Microsoft's security vulnerabilities, such as advertising in worms and viruses themselves. 

Immediately following this announcement, Red Hat and Novell filed an injunction in Federal court, in hopes of blocking Microsoft from selling ad space in its error messages, claiming unfair monopolistic practices that neither company can compete against. Microsoft had no comment. 

Experts estimate that as Microsoft continues to grow as the largest computer desktop provider in the world, they will also fast become the world's largest pop up computer advertiser. 

(Of course, none of this is true)


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