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AOL releases top spam list

AOL has released its Top Spam List and the top 4 are ads for Viagra, Low mortgage rates, Hot XXX Action and As See On Oprah.  

Those four phrases and six more topped the list of the most commonly used subject lines for junk, or " spam " e-mail in 2003, Internet service provider AOL said on Wednesday.

Other top enticements, the Time Warner unit said, included "online pharmacy," "get bigger," "online degree", "lowest insurance rates," "work from home" and "get out of debt."

Unsolicited commercial e-mail is considered a scourge of the Internet and, as governments rush to regulate or ban the sending of spam, private companies and service providers have also stepped up efforts to create filtering software that blocks such messages.

During calendar 2003, AOL blocked nearly 500 billion spam messages from reaching user inboxes, an average of 40 fewer such messages per day per subscriber account. The company said it regularly blocks 75 per cent to 80 per cent of incoming mail as spam



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