The Healing Powers of SPAM

If there were any truth in Internet advertising, with respect to SPAM, the world would be a thinner, more medicated, lower interest rated, a place where lonely housewives finally have a place where they can be appreciated. And lets not forget the advancements in penis enlargement; you are just one click away from looking like a three-legged Centaur. (A Centaur is a mythical beast of half-man and half-horse (the lower half is the understand where I'm going with this, right?)


Internet gambling, porn, Viagra, more porn, helping the Duke, Prince, Captain of Africa transfer his father's fortune to America, porn again, viruses, porn, porn and more porn, wholesale software from China, a couple of get rich quick schemes and, that's right PORN! This is what my e-mail looks like on a daily basis. I get so much that I'm always deleting real e-mail and a lot of people that write me think I am ignoring them.

SPAM has its uses, none of which is useful to me, but some say SPAM finances the cost of the Internet, like junk mail finances the U.S. Postal Service, but this is mostly said by spammers and their attorneys. Internet providers call it SPAM if the Spammers don't cut them in on the action. In my opinion, SPAM is worse than viruses, although most viruses come from SPAM.

SPAM (sigh)

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