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TheNetworkAdministrator's New Year's Resolution
Douglas Chick 

This year I have decided to only write positive material. No longer will I subject my readers to the insane rants of too much caffeine, or misdirected anger from my personal life. This year I will write things that are helpful to the computer professional and have merit…that is providing my hit count is not affected.  


Here are TheNetworkAdministrator's Top 10 New Year's Resolution. 

  1. I will not make any further references about computer end-users being a bunch of stupid mindless idiots. I will only refer to them as having special needs.
  1. I will not write stories or give my opinion about jobs being sent off shore. Too many people followed their party line and believe that overseas outsourcing was a good thing.  
  1.  I will no longer write negative blocks of text about Windows security; Microsoft is doing the best they can and anything I say just makes them feel bad about it.
  1. I will no longer criticize spam. Spam employs computer people on both sides of the fence and off sets the jobs being sent overseas.
  1. I will never again criticize viruses and virus makers. They provide a service that also keeps computer people employed.
  1. I will not be critical of government leaders. I will only refer to those that elected them as having special needs. 
  1. I will be more understanding towards the record industry when it comes to pirating music, and never again suggest that record industry executives recreate with sheep, goats, Satan, or attorneys.
  1. I will not write bias articles favoring Linux over Windows. When writing about either operating system; I will not mention the other.
  1. I will no longer rant. From now on I will try to express myself without using expletives. Bad language only makes me look like a prick.
  1. When I receive e-mails criticizing my grammar, I will take them as constructive comments that help me, and not use my computer powers for evil.


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