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Saving Money in a Recession
Douglas Chick

With less and less disposable income, due to soaring fuel prices and higher mortgage payments, land lines are fast becoming the first to be cut out of the American household budget. After all if everyone in your household has a cell phone, why have a phone for the house. When calculating your monthly bills, your home phone bill seems less important than your mortgage or rent. Your next priority might be your electric and water, followed by car, auto insurance, gas and then somewhere on the bottom; food and entertainment costs. In tight economic times, it becomes more than evident who you are really working for. When most of us should be spending on the future; say your savings and retirement, many of us can barely struggle through our monthly obligations. So what are some of the first unnecessary expenses we need to cut in times of economic crisis? Below I made the top 10 items that should go first:

Top 10 Ways to Save Money

10. Home Landline – As I have already stated, you do not need an additional phone bill when you already have a cell phone. If however you have DLS, you might need to go to high speed cable. Many people that read this website will most likely piggy back on their neighbors open WiFi.

9. Cable T.V. – I think cable television will be the next to go on the list. After all, most of what you see on television can be seen on the Internet, or from patching directing into your neighbors cable.

8. Satellite Radio – Again, an unnecessary expense that can be listened to on the Internet for free…providing you are stealing wireless Internet from your neighbors. 

7. Eating at home – This is something you really can not accomplish from the Internet. Eating at home can reduce your monthly food bills up to 80 percent. (This number is solely based on my bills.) If you can eat at someone else’s home you can reduce your food cost even more.

6. Theatre and Movies – Again, Internet.

5. New Clothes – Most people, not including women, spend on an average of 200 dollars a month on clothing. Less if you are a computer professional. In fact, most computer people spend nothing on clothing.

4. ITunes Music Purchases -- ??? Sorry, forgot this was a geek website. .

3. Starbucks – Changing coffee vendors from Starbucks to anyone?

2. Purchase Hybrid Vehicles – Trade in your existing gas guzzler for a hybrid vehicle, no matter how ugly they are.

 1. The # 1 way to save money in a recession is don’t do anything, stay home and play Guitar Hero until a new government is elected into office.

Note: If you were offended by my statemetn: Most people, not including women,  I apologize. It was not my intention to insult, demoralize, or otherwise degrade woman. If I receive more than 2 emails from people offended I will retract. furthermore, if you are offended from the statement:  until a new government is elected into office. You are an idiot!

Best regards, and a happy and prosperous new year.

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